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  1. James

    I assume multiple submissions is acceptable? I have a few plugins I’ve been thinking about creating lately…

  2. David

    Of course multiple submissions are acceptable, but again, they can’t have been released anywhere else. They must be new. Good luck. :)

  3. Viitoria

    And would it be okay to release a theme out of a design of a previous layout for our OWN site (but previously unreleased in any other shape or form)?

  4. David

    Personal themes that have not been packaged up and released are totally acceptable as long as they have not been released before unless they are easy to tell that they were strongly based on another theme (like changing the header of Kubrick and calling it your own).

    I will take certain liberties with that though, as I know many two column themes with an image header, and a right or left column navigation look fairly similar.

  5. monkeypup

    Okay. Time for me to stop dicking around and release my first theme. See if I can beat the clock…
    eep…look at the date! Better get working!

  6. David

    You can do it, and worst case scenerio, get it working without too many bugs and release it. If its great, you can keep developing it and add any “extra” features it may need. I know this can be done, as I have gone from concept to 0.1 theme release in 3 days. :) And Phu Ly did one theme a day for 6 days. Go WordPress theme makers! :)

    Good luck monkeypup

  7. dandyna

    I mostly agree with you.
    @ David, Phu Ly is a genius!!!!

  8. Scott

    Christ, I am useless.

  9. Scott

    Are there results? Or have I missed them elsewheres?

  10. David

    I am going to post the results today. It was a Canadian holiday on the weekend, and my fiance wouldn’t let me touch the computer.

  11. Guru Manager

    Not easily to define but hopefully something along what you had in mind on being different as it provides the ability to be a fully customized Theme without HTML or any PHP knowledge from Sidebar menu after Login,

    Colors (Background, Footer, Title, Navigation Links, Visited Links, Text) Banner Headers (24 Banner Graphics are included to choose from or upload your own) Then Change the colors to match Navigation Links on Top NavBar can be changed Google AdSense – Activate or Deactivate

    Lots of drop down menus to choose from… what can I say?

  12. Diada

    I will take certain liberties with that though, as I know many two column themes with an image header, and a right or left column navigation look fairly similar.

  13. vivalabamba

    Great to have found this article, even if it has been released 6 months ago – it confirms my first impressions. Let me tell you that at the end of 2006, the situation is not better.

    I have just began with Wrodpress, and let me tell you : I am very disappointed. The list of templates is fantastic though – I love it – It seems so professional, but well… coming from beta-blogger (so easy, I can focus on webmastering – and I understand the required level is just not the same), tweaking a code here is just a pain in the neck, makes me losing days about stupid details (am not a professional coder).

    “Permissions” stuff is just horrendous – making a few plugins useless – am not joking about security. These templates are so different – I would rather fewer templates that are developped more in depth. I want support as well.

    Starting off with wordpress is like hell. Their support is not structured (useless tutorials (there is no tutorial) with too many links everywhere (great from a seo point of view, but in order to try to understand sthg, take your week off for simple explanations or better for u to visit third-party websites).
    Forum help support is just inexistant – impossible to find a relevant post (it is not organised). Right I understand a few questions might be redundant – but as there is no pedagogical tutorial and no way to find previous posts… well.

    Maybe wordpress is just for professional coders ! I am seriously thinking about moving to another blog pro platform. If you have any idea, I am interested to know about it.

  14. Menekse ile Halil

    I mostly agree with you.

  15. Marbella Property

    I have just begun with WordPress, Great to have found this article, starting off with wordpress is like hell. Makes me losing days about stupid details (am not a professional coder).” I try to read every one of your article and learn more about wordpress.

  16. Andreas


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