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Biggest Lies About Blogging

Man, I love sometimes. They have some of the most interesting articles and links to other very interesting articles. One such article comes from Anne Handley who has been asking bloggers a simple question “What is the Biggest Lie About Blogging?”. What a stir such a question can make.

Jeremy Wright chimes in at the end letting the world know his thoughts, and he is so right on the money in my opinion.

A few of his include:
1. Blogging’s just a fad.
3. Don’t ever admit you did something wrong.
5. Don’t have a personality if you’re blogging for business.
9. Without open comments, it’s not a blog anyway.
13. It’s impossible to make money blogging.
23. You need to be able to write to blog.
32. Too many people are already blogging; you can’t cut through the noise.
33. You have to be an A-List blogger or there’s no point.
36. Bloggers are good looking, funny, and are the life of any party.

Check out the original post, and be sure to read the comments.

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  1. John says: 7/1/2006

    Problogger is cool, I agree, but who really says “blogging is just a fad,” anymore? That has to be from some pro blogger who started long ago.:)


  2. trekking ausrüstung trekkingstiefel trekkingjacke says: 9/22/2007

    What is this “blog” anyway? Irt just a website, man. Cool down.


  3. abra ori says: 1/14/2011

    How to display ads on old posts only?


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