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WordPress Hacks: WordPress-to-WordPress Import

A feature that I have wanted for some time now is a way to merge some of my WordPress blogs into one super blog, as I have started a blog and stopped writing on a blog, and let it die. Its old entries could bolster my current blog a bit more, and make it a more interesting read, but as far as I knew there was no way to do it easily.

While this feature is said to be in the next major version of WordPress, some people just can’t wait that long, and Aaron Brazell is one of them.

I know there are quite a lot of folks who have wanted to merge WordPress blogs or in one way or another import from one blog into another. The feature is coming in the next major build of WordPress and is already in place on blog. Trust me. But for now, I have wrapped that code into a plugin. I’ve already merged two blogs and there are other reasons I need this as well. It works. I have not had a lot of other extensive testing, but for me it works.

Check it out at Technosailor.

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  1. assicurazioni says: 8/3/2006

    does it work with 1.x version ?


  2. David ) says: 8/3/2006

    As far as I know, you have to upgrade your blog to 2.x before being able to export it for import somewhere else.


  3. Miles says: 1/9/2007

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  6. BoyLover says: 6/26/2009

    where is it? i have problem importing my wp to wp.. help.. :(


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