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Chris Garrett Starts Blog Design Service

The realization that people want customized blog designs has increased the time that designers are willing to take on WordPress themes. Chris Garrett, a well known graphic designer has created 449. £449 is what it will cost you to get a design created by him, and ported over to a WordPress theme.

We’ve called this little breakout branch “449” because that’s how little we charge for a fully functional blog, just £449 (find out what this is in your currency). For that price, you’re business will get a beautifully designed and fully functional WordPress blog, ongoing support and, undoubtedly, a boost in sales. We’ll even host your blog for you!

Your custom WordPress template will consist of the following:

  • Homepage (Recent Posts)
  • Archives Page (for dates and categories)
  • Basic static page template.
  • Search Page.
  • Contact Page.

We will also set-up WordPress and provide you with free hosting and domain name for 1 year (if you require it).

Compared to some other deals, that cost multiple thousands of dollars to get from design to working site, this deal is pretty good. Remember though, those in the US, this price is in Great Britain Pounds, which means you are looking at around $830 USD, still a great deal for a wonderful designer and a fully working, custom theme. Check out for a portfolio of examples as well as more details.

I would love to hear what people think about this. I know Chris and others think there is a market for something like this. Do you agree/disagree? Let me know.

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  1. Shawna says: 7/21/2006

    Are people serious? Nearly $1,000 for a blog? What un-knowing people are buying designs at such rediculous prices? This is obviously for people who have money burn.


  2. 59ideas says: 7/22/2006

    If you look hard enough, you could outsourced it to some Indian, Chinese or East Europeans freelancers for much much less.

    On the other hand, not many of them (the outsourced alternatives) are well verse with the latest “Standard based design”, CSS, AJAX and the hype.


  3. Mike says: 7/22/2006

    I believe that blog designs can range in the 1,000s easily and be more than worth it. How would you like to have a blog such as ?

    How much do you think he paid for it? If you have a blog for many years, a good design can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make :)

    – Mike Dammann


  4. Donna says: 7/22/2006

    But, you can find designs just as nice (if not nicer) for FREE at any open source web design place. Heck, there are nicer ones on


  5. Pete says: 7/22/2006

    Yes and you can also buy a $1,000 car so why buy a $30,000 one?

    Jeez give him a break. He is a professional designer not someone that does it as a hobby and is happy to get $20 for his “design”


  6. Mike again says: 7/23/2006

    What is better, to have the same design as many others … or your very own unique one? If you are a reputable business, I would suggest to stand out with something that’s only yours. Sure, a lot of great blogs have the same themes (some are even blogspot ones *shudder*), but you shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to impress your potential customers. Even if it costs a few extra bucks :)

    Mike Dammann


  7. Justin says: 7/24/2006

    I have worked with Chris Garrett in the past and his work far exceeds any other designer I have ever worked with. Chris’s assistance and expertise has lead to some of the most attractive sites I have interaced with.

    If you read, way to go Chris, fabulous idea! Hope it works out for you (by the way this is cheaper than your last quote to me :) )


  8. Gerard @ Interweb World says: 7/27/2006

    That’s a very enterprising notion, considering the limited amount of work being done – Chris seems to have been very specific about what will be done.

    Essentially a lot of designers could offer this service with some good XHTML/CSS frameworks and then customise for each client.

    As a web designer, it’s not a bad idea, because you get the one-time introductory work, avoiding scope creep, and possibly repeat work when templates need tweaked.


  9. varun says: 8/14/2006

    seems over priced !!

    Nearly 1000 USD for a blog design /porting ?


  10. David ) says: 8/14/2006

    I thought so too, until I looked at other designers promising the same service. Most were in the 2-3k USD range…


  11. varun says: 8/15/2006

    That means that I need to see Chris’s Work samples :D


  12. Dan says: 8/21/2006

    I wouldn’t give £449 to a person who doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your”.


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