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WordPress Plugin: Add Signature

Dragon Design has a new plugin out for WordPress that allows you to add information on articles posted on the blog. This could be a great plugin for those that have multi-author blogs, or just want to end with a preset tagline on every post.

This plugin lets you display a custom signature at the bottom of your posts. Simply type the text you want in the options page and configure it to display on every post, or manually display it by adding the trigger text wherever you like. You can also add in author information using the included variables – login name, first name, last name, nickname, email address, website, and description/bio. It get this information from the author’s account settings.

Grab it from Dragon Design’s website.

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  1. Ben says: 7/24/2006

    Surely if you just want to end with a preset tagline you would just add the code to the template?

    The multi author blog thing could be good though.


  2. David ) says: 7/24/2006

    True enough Ben. :)


  3. Aleister says: 7/25/2006

    Very true. It does make it easier for those who do not want to manually edit their template files, but the main reason I wrote it was so people could easily implement the author information. :)


  4. Nathan Waters says: 7/26/2006

    I reckon it’s an awesome plugin… good work Aleister!

    You can see a working example at my site:


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  7. kral says: 11/21/2006

    A wonderful signature plugin. It also allows html code. Great work!


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