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Why Blog Readers Should Be Able to Contact You

Darren Rowse, on, put up a great post today about the lack of open contact on many blogs these days. He spent a bit of time trying to contact a writer on CNET’s Alpha Blog and was unable to.

He lists why comments are not really enough in the way of opening a dialogue.

  • Firstly it gives your readers a way to privately contact you
  • It gives readers a sense of power
  • It’s about accountability
  • It identifies problems
  • It opens opportunities

I really think it is a great read, and something I have noticed that I personally don’t do enough about, partially because any attempt I make at opening ways to contact me, leads to an increase in spam.

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  1. war59312 says: 7/27/2006

    Yeah its pretty crazy when the “big guns” dont even have a contact page. :(


  2. isulong seoph says: 7/30/2006

    i guess it’s okay to contact you via e-mail. just make sure that you use a non-corporate e-mail. in the addition to that, i cannot recommend giving more of your privy infos such as your tel. no. or snail mail. you know how nefarious Internet is nowadays. :)


  3. PhillDoc says: 10/21/2009

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