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Chitika Release WordPress Plugin v2.0

Chitika, a popular advertising service, mostly thanks to Darren Rowse’s happy promotion of it, has released a plugin for WordPress 1.5+ that allows you to manage eMinimalls right from inside your WordPress Admin panel.

The plugin configuration is now done through the WordPress options tab. No need to edit the files.
To put a eMiniMall right into your blog post, there is now a little button on the editor to help you add and customize the eMiniMal l for that particular post

Check out the details of the Plugin at their Blog. Also, beware that Darren puts his affiliate ID in any links to Chitika, so if you go to his blog and click on the link from there, you will be helping him out if you sign up.


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  1. Claude Gelinas says: 8/19/2006

    Another important fact to keep in mind is that the products offered for sale within Chitika are resolutely US-oriented.

    While this may be perfect for domestic visitors, it could be a turn-off for others.

    Blogs which don’t cater specifically to the US market should wait until the Chitika service offers products in other currencies and other languages while being more in tune with “regional” needs.

    Still, the idea behind Chitika is quite noteworthy. Kudos for creative thinking!


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