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Hello everyone. I’m Angelo, and I’ll be guest writing here on Blogging Pro. Well, I’m not exactly a new blogger–I’ve been writing on blogs (including quite a number of my own) for close to three years now. And I’m not exactly a “guest,” as I’m a regular writer for Bloggy Network (the lesser known pro-blogger, perhaps, compared to Dave). I usually write for our other blog properties, though, like ForeverGeek and a host of other “b” branded blogs.

I asked Dave if I could contribute to the site, which he apparently considers as one of his favorites, and I’m glad he and Jacob agreed.

While I do have quite some experience with blogging CMS’s such as WordPress, Movable type, Blogger and even Nucleus (among others) I’ll leave the technical and design aspects of blogging for Dave to write about, at least for now. I’ll be focusing more about the writing aspect of blogging, as that’s what I’ve been passionate about lately. I’ve been posting about tips on effective and interesting blog writing on my personal tech/productivity/problogging/writing blog, The J Spot, and I feel I will be able to reach out to more people here, hence the move to help out with BloggingPro.

So here’s to great blogging and to great writing!

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  1. David ) says: 7/28/2006

    Welcome to the club…now just make sure you don’t steal all my fans…

    *listens to the silence*



  2. Bryce says: 7/28/2006

    Glad to meet you Angelo!

    Maybe you can come write for me too when I can get in gear :)

    Good luck and enjoy!


  3. Greg Kiernan says: 7/28/2006

    I look forward to reading some of your posts


  4. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    Maybe you can come write for me too when I can get in gear


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