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WordPress Podcast Episode 3

Imagine my surprise when I went online today to try to contact Charles Stricklin of the WordPress Podcast, and found out there was another new episode for me to listen to. I am glad he was able to push out an episode this week.

Included in episode 3 are:

  • An explanation of the problems we’re having with iTunes, podPress and the reason why there was no episode released last week.
  • WordPress v2.0.4 released this weekend.
  • WordCamp 2006 is this Saturday!
  • Bryan Veloso joins Automattic. (Possibly to head up Shuttle?)
  • headzoo’s Live plug-in.
  • WordPress-phpMyAdmin plug-in.
  • BloxPress2 theme.
  • Minimalist Blue 1.0 theme.
  • ClickTale, ClickDensity and Crazy Egg.
  • Sourdough bread and chocolate from San Francisco.

Great stuff. I look forward to the next episode, and hope you are all keeping track of this great podcast about WordPress.

Much of the information is in line with BloggingPro, and what we publish here, but in audio, making it better for you lazy people that don’t like to read. There are also some interesting thoughts on stuff we have not really concentrated on here as of yet.

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  1. Charles Stricklin says: 8/1/2006

    Where do you think I get my ideas? ;)


  2. David ) says: 8/1/2006

    Smart man. :) I really enjoy the podcast, so keep it up.


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