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Darren Rowse had a look at a poll that LifeHacker had up recently about desktop blog editing tools.

The major result of the poll does not suprise me, with over 60% of the respondants not using a desktop tool. Darren then lists what he would like in a desktop blog editing tool:

  • One Click Blogging
  • Manage Multiple Blogs from One Point
  • Image Management
  • Offline Blogging
  • Backed Up Content
  • Spell Check
  • Integration

I agree whole-heartedly with what Darren lists, as I write on many blogs and these tools would be very important. I don’t need WYSIWYG, but that is because I can code XHTML, but I think everything else has to be integrated into a slick looking tool.

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  1. Corentin says: 8/1/2006

    For all that I use MarsEdit on MacOS X :-)


  2. David ) says: 8/1/2006

    Well I need something on Windows…I am not fortunate enough to be running OSX.


  3. hopec says: 10/10/2006

    check thingamablog – its not a desktop blog editor – its a desktop blogging application with all that requested features:



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