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WordPress Plugin: Simple Popup Images

A little old-school, the Simple Popup Images shows images in their own pop-up window. None of that crazy AJAX mess.

The Simple Popup Images plugin allows you to add pop-up images to your WordPress blog. You put a thumbnail image in your post; if a user clicks on it, a larger version appears in a separate window. Want to see it in action? Check out this post.

Features that I think are cool:

  • Plugin’s UI makes it easy to add the image and thumbnail to your post
  • Can automatically make thumbnails from a large image (requires the GD library to be installed)
  • The resulting popup window can, if you like, vanish the moment the user clicks away from it
  • Easy installation

Check it out at Live Granades

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  1. Mike Sigers says: 8/1/2006

    O-M-G ! I have, like, been so looking for a plugin like this !


  2. Mark says: 11/6/2006

    Hi there, this sounds like an awesome plugin :)

    Is there any possibility of using this to show swf files in the popup? That would be absolutely perfect for a project I’m currently working on.

    Please tell me it can be so :)



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