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WordPress Podcast Episode 4 Released

Just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that Charles has released another great WordPress podcast.

The topics covered include:

  • WordCamp 2006 recaps, including video, audio, photographs and BBQ. (The Blog Herald has some very good coverage including a podcast.)
  • Changes at
    1. $15 U.S. a year to edit your own CSS. (Randy Walker and Tony Street debate if this is a good idea.)
    2. Domain-mapping beta test.
    3. Allowing private blogs.
    4. Menus to report spam and mature content.
  • Bryan Veloso barely gets unpacked before tackling changes to the admin page.
  • Redeigned login page, coupled with an argument for Sandbox over Kubrick. Will the winner of Undersigned’s theme competition end up as the default?
  • Indranil’s theme Brown
  • Create N Place plug-in allows you to write new blog posts right on the front page of your blog.
  • Why cause problems for people using accountability software like x3watch from, when it’s so easy to just update Bad Behavior?

Interestingly enough they now have an advertisement for another podcast at the end. That did not take long. I would love to hear other’s thoughts on this podcast.

They are quickly approaching episode five, and almost were going to wait another week to put out episode four, due to the lack of really good topics. I know this will get better as fall approaches for the Northern Hemisphere, but by how much? Where are all the great plugin makers and theme designers?

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  1. Charles Stricklin says: 8/15/2006

    Is it an ad if they didn’t pay for it? :)

    Seriously, it’s considered a courtesy to cross-promote other’s podcasts, and I just like GeekBrief. I added it at the end so it wouldn’t bother anyone.


  2. David ) says: 8/15/2006

    lol, I am just bugging you.

    I think advertising, even if it didn’t pay (which they should have), is still advertising, but it does say the scope and growth of your hobby/project.

    And I honestly doubt it bothered anyone. I just made note of it because it was an interesting addition to the show.