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Top 10 Ways to Uglify Your Blog

Over on, you can find a funny post on the “Top 10 Ways to Uglify Your Blog“. While I don’t agree with everything listed, I find it interesting to see other people’s point of view on what makes a good or bad blog design, especially since I don’t find Christian’s design all that appealing.

He mentions things like:

  • Orange XML/RSS Buttons
  • Long Blogrolls
  • XHTML/CSS Buttons

Check out the list, and let me know what you think makes a nice looking or ugly looking blog. (Please don’t use BloggingPro as an example…unless its for the nice looking side)

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  1. Blog Bloke says: 8/15/2006

    Hi David. More than anything else, the post is an excellent demonstration of contrarian blogging if there ever was. ;-) Cheers!


  2. nate says: 8/15/2006

    I agree with everything except the photo of you. I kinda like seeing the person behind the writing. It gives me a sense of knowing them.

    (Yea, I’m hypocritical on that point as well as the fact that I do have ads on a few pages, but they are only on posts which I have proof people are coming and leaving quickly.)



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