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I got an email from the Performancing team just today announcing the Performancing Exchange. It’s supposed to be a “FREE marketplace for the professional blogging community.” Nick Wilson also posts on the Performancing blog:

After much discussion with members, we are about to launch the Performancing Exchange ( The title above pretty much says it all, you should check it out to get the full details, and if you have questions, just reply to this email (give me a few days though..).

The exchange is FREE for now, and has the following broad categories:

  • Bloggers for hire
  • Bloggers wanted
  • Blogs for sale
  • Services offered
  • Services wanted
  • Micellaneous

Posts can be “voted up” by logged in members — those posts you see that are worthy of greater exposure on the Peformancing homepage, vote for!

That the Exchange is free “for now” gets me worried a bit, with the prospect of the service or at least some premium aspects of it to be for-charge in the near future. But I think any blog or content company worth its salt would be able to afford paying for such, anyway.

Another feature of the Exchange is a DIGG-style voting mechanism (quite a lot of that these days, eh?), where the posts most voted on by the site’s members/users get to appear on the Performancing homepage.

The market for problogger classifieds is quite fragmented, in that I don’t see a site really dominating in this area. Performancing’s foray in this domain can be viewed as a fresh take at the blogger jobs clearinghouse business particularly because of the voting aspect.

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