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Chris Pirillo Gives Tips on Avoiding the Echo Chamber

The blogosphere is one big echo chamber. Bloggers are, after all, fond of simply linking to and citing content by other writers, which are, themselves, most likely influenced by material elsewhere. And yes, I’m guilty of that, myself. Even this blog post is not entirely original.

While there’s nothing wrong about expressing agreement or dissenting opinion about material that’s already available elsewhere, being creative and original adds more value to your blog. Moreover, it can be real fun to do something original and out-of-the-ordinary once in a while.

Chirs Pirillo writes:

  1. Don’t live inside your news aggregator.
  2. Say something original at least once a day.
  3. If warranted, quote an “unknown” source.
  4. Don’t link to the same site more than once every two weeks.
  5. Wait a week before publishing your thoughts on hot topics.
  6. Create, don’t regurgitate.
  7. Think twice before using buzzwords.
  8. Make yourself uncomfortable.
  9. Stop whining (or worrying) about what list you’re on (or not on).
  10. Stop saying we need to get out of the echo chamber.

Now, so I wouldn’t be part of the echo chamber, here’s something I’d like to add. It’s something I wrote a little while back about writing blog posts that get noticed. I still find good advice in my own words, when it comes to creating blog posts of substance.

  1. Pick an interesting topic and learn all there is to know about it. This may be a current event or a hotly-contested issue. But I think it’s best to be unique and try to zero in on something no one else is noticing, but you know you can write effectively about. Be creative.
  2. Make a strong point and take a stand. If you will just echo what everyone else in the blogosphere is saying then your post is probably not worth the fuss. True, it may make for good reference, but that’s just about it. Express your opinion and express it clearly, concisely, and unequivocally. Speak up.
  3. Write with conviction and confidence. Readers love it when they see someone expressing their own opinion and doing so with passion. You are more likely inspire your readers to do the same. Move mountains.
  4. Invite discussion. Your readers would hate it when you shoot down each and every dissenting comment on your posts. Agree to disagree. Welcome even the people who don’t share your own opinions. Talk and talk back!

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  1. Terry Elliott says: 8/30/2006

    Perillo is a total hypocrite. He has made his bones by being an echo chamber. I have watched this blogger transform from a humble tech geek into a pompous gasbag who is looking out for number one. All hail Perillo, the new Dvorak. If you want good blogging advice I think you might be well-advised to simply look to samples from great bloggers or, even competent and conventional print writers like King’s, “On Writing” or Richard Rhodes’s “How to Write”. Perillo? Please!