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Sarahintampa: Blogging At Work

Sarah talks about her work and how it went ahead and added a blog, rather than a traditional site.

The store is more of a design showroom than a generic, cookie-cutter furniture store. So instead of creating a traditional website, we decided to go with a blog. Authored by the designers, and managed by me, the blog will offer design tips, info, as well as featured some of our products via links and photo albums. Are we cutting edge? You betcha. Whereas the furniture industry is still discussing the best ways to do business online, we’re already on it.

Does the blog make the company cutting edge? I think it gives them an advantage, and could be useful if continuously updated. A company blog is no different than any other type of blog, and so time, effort, and content are what will make or break the site. I personally think the content area is too narrow, but that’s just me.

I would be interested to see traffic growth, and return on investment with more traditional companies adding blogs to the mix.

Check out their company site at

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  1. Sarah says: 9/1/2006

    Hi, thanks for writing about our new blog! I guess I should amend my statement to say, it’s “cutting edge for the furniture industry.” If I worked for a software company, it would be par for the course.

    Anyway, give us time on expanding our content…we just got up & running this past month. We hope to have some before & afters shots of the designers work, more photo albums, more articles, and if we get enough readers, we would like to do Q&As where people can ask design questions and get responses.


  2. David ) says: 9/3/2006

    If nothing else, I hope it works out well for you, and the company as it will continue to help spread the word that blogging can help corporations and businesses.


  3. Lorelle says: 9/4/2006

    David, I clicked on Recommend Us on your site and came up with a 404. You might want to fix that.

    Also, I’m writing about the site and couldn’t find an About or Contact page. Is this intentional? I hope not. I adore what you do and want to tell everyone. ;-)