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Blogging Pro Redesign Tease

We over at the Bloggy Network have been very fortunate to have Elena of DesignDisease working up some great designs for all of our blogs and service sites, and as you all know, Blogging Pro has been well overdue for a redesign for some time, and so I am sure you will all be excited to know that soon, Blogging Pro will be sporting some fancy new graphics.

This post though, would be useless without the drool worthy teaser image, and so I leave you with this:
Blogging Pro Redesign Teaser

Let me know what you think of the bits and pieces you can make out from the little sample graphic.

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  1. Martin says: 9/19/2006

    Yup, you’ve been overdue for a splash of paint. ;-)

    The teasers look very slick, web 2.0ish – nice!

    When can we expect the new design launch?


  2. David ) says: 9/19/2006

    Thanks Martin. I am not sure when the new design will be up…I am hoping before my 24th birthday (Nov 11), but it is going to take me flexing all of my WordPress muscles to get it to work properly.


  3. monkeypup says: 9/19/2006

    Thank god! I love the site, but have always hated the theme. Can’t wait to see it.


  4. adam says: 9/19/2006

    looks to be a vast improvement!
    the current them never did much for me ;)


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