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Cure your Blogging Addiction in 7 Easy Steps

While there is nothing that could ever cure my blogging addiction, The Blog Columnist has a great article up that might help some of you.

The one that scares me the most of course, as I get ready to move to another city is:

Step #7 – Dump your Broadband
Finally, if all else fails switch back to dial-up. Dump your broadband connection and you’ll soon get so annoyed with how slow it used to be that you’ll just want to get away from that damn, slow, annoying computer.

Thankfully I know the city I am moving to has broadband where I will be living, but I won’t be able to get the same high speed connection that I get where I live now. Thankfully it won’t be dial-up. I’d have to quit my current job… Check out the great article from The Blog Columnist.

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  1. Martin says: 9/20/2006

    Thanks for that, David – of course I was saying all that in jest – as if any sane person (addicted or not) would dump their broadband for good ol’ dial-up. :)

    Can you remember when we had dial-up? Sheesh, that seemed like a long time ago.


  2. David ) says: 9/20/2006

    I know it was all in jest, as any anti-blogging addiction posts should be… :)

    I do remember dial-up. I still use it when I have to go to my fiance’s parents place. Imagine my suffering.


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