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Relying on a SurveyGizmo account and API, the SurveyGizmo plugin still seems rather interesting.

The SurveyGizmo plugin for WordPress gives you the best of both worlds. Use SurveyGizmo to build powerful, sophisticated and custom styled surveys, but stay in WordPress to monitor responses. The plugin also makes it easy to quickly edit, preview, or grab your publishing links.

It puts a survey tool inside the WordPress dashboard, allowing you to take stock in your users answers without ever leaving your admin console. I’d love to see some reviews on this plugins, so give it a test, and let me know how it goes.

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  1. Scott McDaniel says: 9/27/2006

    Hi David & Blogging Pro readers,

    I am one of the developers of this survey plugin. We have already had a huge response to it. We’d also love to hear reviews, suggestions, criticisms, or anything else from users.

    By all the downloads, we figure this is something the WordPress community was looking for. We’ve been WP fans and users since WP 1.2, so we pretty psyched to do this right. We have had a lot of interest in embedding survey responses and graphs back into the blog so look for that in an upcoming version.

    Thanks and come take a look at the SurveyGizmo plugin


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  7. CJ says: 11/11/2010

    Just another survey hosting spam, this is NOT a stand alone plugin and you MUST pay a monthly fee.