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Zookoda For Sale

I swear I must be mildly dyslexic, as I always thought it was Zoodoka, but the popular e-mail RSS feed service Zookoda is for sale.

First off you need to know more about what Zookoda is:

Zookoda is a leading email marketing solution specifically designed for bloggers. Zookoda enables blog owners to proactively drive traffic back to their sites by delivering blog newsletters and promotions to the vistor’s inbox.

Zookoda differentiates itself from popular “rss-to-email” delivery services like FeedBurner and FeedBlitz by offering bloggers a complete email marketing solution.

I use this service for one of my sites, and it works great. Sometimes I don’t post enough to get the e-mail to run, but that is my own fault. I have not had any problems with the service, and people like Darren Rowse use it and swear by it.

So Why Sell?

Good question! As a 2 person company we have taken Zookoda as far as we can as an isolated product. To realise its full potential Zookoda needs to join a much larger family with synergistic products that help drive exposure and users. Since launch Zookoda has been free and has helped many a blog publisher build enduring relationships with their audience and increase page views, traffic and advertising dollars. There are many organisations who would benefit from having Zookoda in their product mix, now is your time to take a look under the hood and get in touch.

Check out their sales page on their site. Be fast though, as you only have until October 6th to express your interest.

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The New Influencers Blogging Survey by Gillin

Paul Gillin has just concluded a blogger survey for the upcoming book, New Influencers: A Marketer’s Guide to Social Media.

The results analysis includes answers from all respondents who took the survey in the 97 day period from Thursday, June 15, 2006 to Tuesday, September 19, 2006. 159 completed responses were received to the survey during this time.

With the small sample, I wouldn’t exactly say this is a comprehensive survey. However, it’s likely that the sample was limited to people considered to be influencers in their respective fields (bring on the A-listers!). Some notable information from the results:

  • Posting and commenting on business blogs outnumbers that for personal blogs.
  • Most blog to connect with people with similar interests.
  • Most write entries based on personal experience or observation.
  • Majority allow readers to post comments (unfiltered) and almost everyone responds to comments on their blogs.
  • A good number have met with or called people they met through their blogs.
  • Most of the respondents consider the blogs they read as reliable sources of information. Many have responded that their reliance on traditional media for information has declined.
  • Most consider inbound linkages and comments as the primary measures of a blog’s success. Pageviews only come in third.
  • Most of the respondents do not derive income from blogging.
  • 75% are male.
  • Most are in the 26-35 age range.

The book is set for publication Spring of 2007. If you’d like a sneak peek, you can check out the draft, and even comment with your own insights and inputs.

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WordPress Plugin: Guestbook Generator

Those of us old enough to remember the Web back in the 1990s would recall how popular guestbooks used to be (okay, guilty here). Here’s where people got to meet and greet and leave feedback in the time when websites were still static. These days, though, the concept of guestbooks might seem moot, with the instant comment/reply features of blogs and forums. But you might still want a place for your readers to just meet and greet, or just to relive the good ol’ Web 1.0 times.

With WordPress, this could actually be done quite easily by creating a page using a template particularly modified to support commenting (as illustrated here). But if you don’t have time to tweak, you can try the Guestbook Generator plugin from


  1. No files to edit. Just upload the plugin, activate it then run the generator.
  2. Guestbook template seamlessly integrates with your current theme.
  3. When changing themes, simply run the generator to create the necessary files.
    Like a true-blue guestbook, entries are arranged from newest to oldest.
  4. Remember the time when guestbooks were the “in” thing? Hopefully this plugin will bring back the ol’ days. Hehe.

Here’s a sample–’s own guestbook.

Yep. Bring back the good ol’ days!

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PEW Internet: Where is WordPress?

I recently stumbled upon a July 2006 report by PEW Internet entitled Bloggers: A portrait of the internet’s new storytellers (PDF) and I was intrigued that the word WordPress did not appear on the text a single time. In the telephone survey done to determine blogger- and blog-related data, the most used blogging platform was LiveJournal, then followed by MySpace, then Blogger.

PEW Internet-bloggers.png

Where is WordPress here? I thought WP was almost synonymous with blogging already? Perhaps it’s bundled in with the 17% “something else” group, and the 38% “don’t know/rather not say” group. At any rate, I think it would also be interesting to know what BloggingPro readers use. Here’s a simple poll I made.

The poll is limited to five choices, though. If you choose “Other,” please do leave a comment on what software you’re using. I would also be interested to know what made you choose the blogging platform you’re currently using, be it included in the list or not.

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How Much is a Blog Post Worth? has a post up trying to analyze how much blog posts are worth, in regards to paying hired writers to write on blogs. I am a hired writer, and get paid a variety of different amounts, depending on each factor that Darren lists, as well as the amount that the company can afford, let’s never forget that. You can charge whatever you want, but someone has to be able to afford it.

chatting with many bloggers from many networks and business blogs I’m hearing that the going rate on a ‘per post’ basis seems to be ranging from as low as $2 per post up to $20 per post (and on occasion I’ve heard of payments as high as $100 for one off or less frequent columns).

Of course ultimately the value of a post will be determined by the market (ie demand and supply and the budget of the blog owner and where it intersects with the situation and willingness of the blogger).

As with every blogger though, I’d always like to get paid more, so let’s keep hoping more marketing and advertising dollars come online.

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9rules Round 5

9rules, a popular blogger community has announced that it is opening its submissions for the fifth time this October 25th.

This will be the final submission round for 2006 so if you want to get into the Network make sure you don’t miss out because you only have 24 hours to submit your site on that day. On October 25 starting at 12:00am Eastern Time (what some of you might consider October 24 midnight) the submission page will open and you can submit as many sites as you are a part of. If you are not sure your site fits in one of 25+ communities don’t hesitate to send it our way as we are always looking to branch out into new subjects.

So if you like 9rules, and think that with over a few hundred people you are still going to be widely noticed, feel free to drop your name in their hat, and see what happens. There will probably be a one in ten chance of being chosen, and that’s better odds than most lotteries can give you.

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bbPress Integration with WordPress Easier

Looks like there has been some movement in the bbPress world which I am happy to report: WordPress integration!

If you’re looking to integrate bbPress and WordPress, life just got a little easier.

Database Integration

Setting $bb->wp_table_prefix in bbPress’s config.php will tell bbPress to grab users and user meta data from those WordPress tables.

The CUSTOM_USER_TABLE and CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE constants are still around and will override other settings if you need more fine grained control.

They also added in cookie, registration and function integration. It is great to see it advancing again. Check out bbPress for your bulletin board needs.

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Linkbait Roundup

Darren Rowse over on gives a few tips on how to get people to link to your blog. These tactics, sometimes called linkbaiting, don’t always work, nor should you always be using them, but from time to time, they can be very helpful.

  • Tools
  • Quizzes
  • Contests
  • Be First
  • Scoops
  • Exposé
  • Awards
  • Lists
  • Humor
  • Make someone famous
  • Create belonging/community
  • Design
  • Rants
  • Controversy
  • Attack
  • Shock
  • Research and Statistics
  • Give something away
  • Usefulness
  • Cool Factor

Check out the reasoning behind each one of these on

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Creating a Book from Your Archives

Over on Successful Blog, Liz Strauss has a post up about creating a book from your blog archives. While it is maybe not something everyone should or can do, many people out there could repurpose their well written materials into a short book, on a subject. This is something I think more thought leaders should do.

1. Find your most popular topic.
2. Print out a critical mass of posts around one set of ideas.
3. Organize the ideas in a fashion that would work for readers who don’t know you or the topic.
4. Ask a friend or a colleague if this rough order is complete and logical.
5. Look for places the key information is missing and might need to be filled in.
6. Write an introduction, table of contents page, and a conclusion.
7. Hire a professional editor to edit it.
8. Ask colleagues to read it and to write something about it. Include those testimonials, but not too many.
9. Hire a professional designer to design it.
10. Self-publish.

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Headline Information Overload

Everything you have ever wanted to know about headlines and titles, Lorelle has mentioned in her recent post entitled “Creating Effective, Attention-Getting Headlines and Titles“.

While the title might sound a bit wordy, it really allows you to understand the broad scope of what she has written. The article seriously feels like it goes on forever, but its well written, and very nicely organized.

The title of your blog is a title. The title of your post is a title. The section titles in your post content are also titles. Each one plays an important role in helping your readers read your blog article, but they also play an extremely important role in how your page is evaluated and displayed in search engine results.

Titles are used in lists found in lists of related posts, most recent posts, site maps, and many other lists of posts and articles you’ve written on your blog. Titles are used by other bloggers to feature the article on their blogs, whether in a specific article or on a link list. Titles are showcased on search engines, tag services, blog networks and feed services, and social bookmarking services, among other offsite listings.

Titles are used in so many ways, it’s important to look at the different uses for all of these titles and how to make the most of your well written titles on your blog.

Since titles are so import to search engine optimization (SEO), shouldn’t you learn how they are used on your blog?

So if you have been stressing over your headlines and titles, check out the article on Lorelle on WordPress.

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