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Matt and team have created a new dashboard for, one that highlights more of the whole community feel, and shows off what you have contributed.

We’ve split the dashboard into two, the left which shows all the action happening in your world — new posts, comments, comments you’ve left — and the right, which shows the hottest stuff in your language’s community. (And provides good fodder for blogging.)

We’ve also done a bit to make the whole thing load faster.

Very simplified and nice. I, like a few commentors, wish that a few more things were sperated, or some highlighting of differences was done, but other than that, it seems to be a thumbs up from pretty much everyone.

Check it out on the blog.

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WordPress Podcast: Episode 9

The WordPress Podcast has another new episode out, and this time it seems to be a little lighter on the amount of stories, but it does cover some important and interesting things:

  • WordPress 2.0.5 causes a 500-Internal Server Error for some users, but Mark Jaquith has a tune-up plug-in to correct it.
  • WordPress MU 1.0 is released and bbPress 0.72 is reintroduced.
  • Google allows you to create custom searchs for your blogs. Joel Pan (ketsugi) details its features while Steve Graham (Nezz) points out concerns with its terms of service.

With already over 400 listeners so far, I guess I don’t have to tell anyone to check it out.

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Get it Right, Instead of First

Paul Stamatiou has published an article called Words for the Wise, where he points a finger at all those that publish an article on their sites before doing due diligence in making sure it’s correct.

One of my highest-ranked pet peeves about blogging regards bloggers who don’t take the time to do a bit of researching before posting an article. This is aimed at “A-list” bloggers more than anything. They are usually in such a hurry to beat the crowd and get something published that the accuracy and factuality of their information is left in the back seat.

I couldn’t agree with him more. It can be hard to balance being first and being right, but I’d rather be right than first, and that is the stand that more bloggers should take, especially as being wrong can cause litigation, or if nothing else, some angry comments and a reduction in trust.

Categories: Blogging Tips Paid Upgrade: Unlimited Users on Private Blogs

The folks at have created another premium feature for their service. If you are building a community around your private blog and 35 users/readers is not enough, you can now pay $30 a year to get unlimited users on private blogs.

The free limit of 35 users will be enough for most people but if you’re building a private site that will have a large community or you’re a large organisation buying this upgrade is the way to go.

Simply login and go to your Upgrades page where it can be purchased for $30/year.

I don’t know how to feel about this. The custom CSS upgrade allowed experimentation and something really worthwhile. What does unlimited users really add? Wasn’t it just a switch on a table in the database to go from limit 35, to no limit? And where do they get the $30 price tag? That’s a bit steep for unlimited users don’t you think? I am sure they have their reasons. In my opinion this would only be good if I could set it up to charge a small fee to enter the private blog. Hmm…

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Tubetorial has created a video that basically promotes and their great blogging service.

Check out the video.

Matt is curious what users, and non-users think of the video, so check out his post on the blog, and let him know what you think.

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Blogosphere Leaders and Losers

Steve Rubel really knows his stuff, and he made a point recently on his blog, Micro Persuasion, with the same title that I feel is totally right.

The blogosphere too has its share of leaders. I am not talking about those who top the Technorati rankings. I am talking about the people who set the tone of conversations in a community, the media and beyond.

If there’s something that most of these folks have in common it’s this – they are critical, but they’re also really nice and willing to learn. They always contribute to the discussion in a positive way. They focus on a greater goal that they share with their own circle of readers and other bloggers.

At the same time, the ‘sphere is also filled with really nasty people who do nothing but spew toxic waste. They write sensational headlines and throw rocks because it’s fun. Sometimes, it gets very personal in nature. Many of them are arrogant. What they have in common is that they don’t really contribute. And while they might grab a lot of links here and there, they really don’t lead and they never grow.

So if tearing people a “new one” is your passion when it comes to blogging, you will never be a leader, and eventually when we get bored of you, you will be ignored.

I am not saying that you can’t be critical of others when you write, but I am saying that if you don’t add anything to the conversation online, then you are not worth people’s time.

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Interview with Matt Mullenweg

Matt MullenwegI recently was lucky enough to secure a few minutes with Matt Mullenweg, one of the people that took it upon himself to create WordPress. Being so busy, I expected him to say “no” when I asked, but he didn’t and so here is the interview.

1.) Most people that read this site know you thanks to WordPress, but I am sure there is more to you than that. Could you give a few details on the other things you have done?

1. I once climbed to the top of Masada.
2. I did a jazz arrangement of Mario Bros music for a saxophone quartet and played it, which you can find on the net if you dig.
3. I’ve been very lucky in finding folks smarter than myself and hiring them for a funny little company called Automattic.
4. I’m an adviser to Sphere, and I dig their stuff.
5. I take a lot of photos, but I’m really behind on uploading them.

2.) Can you give us a quick history on WordPress? It was not just you that decided a fork from b2 was needed, correct?

Thanks to the wonders of permalinks you can actually read the comment where WordPress was born, from a swell fellow named Mike Little. We started by integrating his links code and some of my texturize/autop stuff and then worked a lot of creating the options system (moving stuff out of config files) and simplifying the install. Add in a new default template, XHTML compliance, and remove all color from the admin interface and you have WordPress 0.70, which was used by approximately 5 people including myself and my cat.

Read More

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WordPress 2.0.5 – Ronan Released

Sorry if you are waiting for WordPress 2.1, but another bugfix release was needed, and as I found out earlier it does change a few small things that should make your life easier.

We’re breaking the tradition of naming releases after jazz musicians to congratulate Ryan Boren on his new son (and first WP baby) Ronan.

What’s new? We have about 50 or so bugfixes, which you can review on our dev tracker here, mostly minor bug fixes around feeds, custom fields, and internationalization.

So download and update today.

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WordPress Plugin: The Nine Rules

If you are a 9rules groupie, or are already a member of the 9rules community and use WordPress, EKOnline has a plugin for WordPress that allows you to see one of the 9rules original rules in your dashboard.

The Nine Rules is a simple little plugin — made up of code from Matt Mullenweg, inspiration from the 9rules crew, and a little bit of my own magic thrown in on top. Once activated, it will randomly display a new “rule” on each page of your WordPress dashboard, coloured using one of the eight colours found in the famous 9rules leaf.

There is also a colorless version for those that are using a modified dashboard color set to stop clashing. Interesting, but pretty useless. I think it’d be cooler if there was one to replace the feeds in the dashboard with 9rules members. That’d be neat.

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The Blogging Scholarship

Scholarships around the US has announced a yearly $5,000 scholarship for a blogger in post-secondary in the USA. A pretty sweet sounding deal if they pay up. I guess we will have to wait and see.

If you are interested here are the details:

Are You a Blogger?
We are proud to annouce the launch of The Blogging Scholarship. UPDATE: We are offering bloggers a $5,000 scholarship annually.


  • Your blog must contain unique and interesting information about you and/or things you are passionate about. No spam bloggers please!!!
  • You must be enrolled in a college in the United States;
  • 3.0 minimum GPA;
  • Enrolled full-time in post-secondary education; and
  • If you win, you must be willing to allow us to list your name and blog on this page. We want to be able to say we knew you before you became a well educated, rich, and famous blogging legend.

I would love to see more institutions see blogging as a good thing and reward their students for it, especially in courses of writing, public relations, advertising, web design or development. Good luck to all those that enter.

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