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Welcome to the New BloggingPro

As you can see, we have finally moved away from what amounts to a hacked up stock theme for WordPress. We are really excited about the new design, and think it better fits the content we are producing as well as the subject we are talking about here each day.

A few things might still be in flux, so let us know if any bricks fall from the heavens ruining your experiences here.

-BloggingPro Staff

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  1. Nick says: 10/6/2006

    I really like the look!


  2. K3NNY says: 10/6/2006

    It looks really cool. Wonderful colors, neat design. Its a shame that people using 800px won’t never come back, but I guess they are just a few, right? Or did the previous design was fixed in 1024 too?


  3. LEMONed says: 10/6/2006

    Very nice new look!


  4. monkeypup says: 10/6/2006

    Looks amazing. I wish this was a wp theme release. It rocks!


  5. April says: 10/6/2006

    Great new design!


  6. Thilak says: 10/6/2006

    Look great.. its a bit diggish… but I like it


  7. Martin says: 10/6/2006

    Very slick design – well done.

    And yes, the comments button does look a little diggish for me.


  8. GLass says: 10/6/2006

    it’s really cool!! Looks great!!


  9. bluesaze says: 10/6/2006

    wow a big time improvment. The old site so totally sucked :D


  10. Erik says: 10/6/2006

    Nice change!

    Like the new look a lot. Basic sites like your old one gave the information just fine but this one has a good feel to it.



  11. Nice says: 10/7/2006

    I like the new look. The “Web 2.0 style”, isn’t it? :P


  12. DrumsNWhistles says: 10/7/2006

    Really nice design! I like it much better than the old one.


  13. Peter says: 10/7/2006

    Very nice design. I like it, it looks much better that the last one but site like yours is all about information.

    Good job !


  14. J. Angelo Racoma says: 10/7/2006

    Great work, David! Looks yummy. :P


  15. JuanManuel says: 10/7/2006

    wow, nice. i tought it was digg.


  16. LiewCF says: 10/7/2006

    nice theme. I love it! :)


  17. Sid says: 10/7/2006


    A cool theme. Just to bring it to your notice, it works much better on my BlackBerry browser too!

    Great job.


  18. Neil says: 10/7/2006

    Looks terrific!


  19. war59312 says: 10/7/2006

    Love the new design! Job well done!

    Though gravators would be nice. ;)


  20. kDolphin says: 10/8/2006

    Very Nice!!!


  21. Adinel says: 10/8/2006

    A really great design. Simple, clean and efficient.
    Keep up the great topics.


  22. XYU says: 10/8/2006

    New version is very nice! !


  23. fireyy says: 10/9/2006

    Nice,I like the part of header, very good


  24. David ) says: 10/9/2006

    Gravatars are coming war59312… As you can see by the default heads that everyone has right now. :)


  25. Brian G says: 10/10/2006

    i read via text only RSS feeds, so it’s like nothings changed :)
    seriously though, looks nice.


  26. war59312 says: 10/10/2006


    Sweet, yeah I figured… Just thought I’d check…. :D

    The David Peralty link in the footer is bad.

    Also, you might want to update the no search results page. That is the page that is displayed when you search for something and there are no results.

    For example search for “godzilla”. Instead you should display a list of possiable search terms that do result in hits or display a list of the most popular posts/pages. Just a thought… Would be more user friendly for sure…

    Take Care,



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