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BloggingPro Redesign: Who Did It?

I have had a few people ask me how we came up with such an ambitious re-design. Well, the Bloggy Network could not have done it without Elena from Design Disease. You might have seen other sites in the Bloggy Network with just as slick designs, all Design Disease. We are happy to have them helping us look a little better as we rummage through the web finding text that you all might like.

So while we won’t be releasing this design, or any of our current designs as community themes, feel free to contact DesignDisease to get something just as nice.

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  1. Leroy Brown says: 10/10/2006

    Damn RSS feeds and not being able to see the theme! I’d never have known if not for this post. This new theme is absolutely FANTASTIC. I don’t even know what else to say – I think I’m in love.


  2. Michele ) says: 10/10/2006

    Very tasty theme :)

    Wasn’t the old version of the site monetised?


  3. David ) says: 10/10/2006

    It was, and this one will be as well…a short vacation from them during the transition (basically, I forgot to add them)


  4. Brajeshwar says: 10/11/2006

    Ah! a Refreshing Design Change!


  5. Marco (Griffith) Jardim says: 10/11/2006

    Refreshing yes, but not flawless, in my opinion.

    However, it’s a much welcomed change and a huge improvement over the last look of this site.


  6. Mario Montalto says: 10/11/2006

    compliments for the good new logo and the ordinary good style of the web site


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