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Blog Networks 2.0?

It looks like with all the 2.0 buzz on the Internet, blogs are going to try to push their way into adding the 2.0 by trying to make a more social site. That is what Instablogs is saying in a recent post on their site, as they lay out their plan to revamp their blogging network.

Shortly, we will be introducing Instablogs 2.0 – The Next Generation Blog Network. On Instablogs 2.0, readers can form small topic-specific communities and tribes; they will find network-wide tagging and searching, a newsroom for news submission/tipping and news link picking. They would also find all the stories in the network aggregated in one place accessible via the reading room. They can also create their network of friends. They can read, rate and comment on stories. You will find features like RSS customization for any channel, topic, writer, tag, etc. You can keep track of your friends, comments and posts easily. You subscribe only those channels you want and unsubscribe others you wish not to read.

I love some of the featured ideas of this new blog network, and can understand how cool that would be from one respect, but in another way, who cares? On many of the blogs I read, especially ones that are multi-author, I concentrate on the content, not who is writing it, so tracking writers would be a feature I would never use.

It should be interesting to see how it is implimented, but I really wish they’d drop the 2.0, it is almost as bad as throwing the “beta” label up.

via Blog Herald

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  1. Ankit says: 10/20/2006

    David, you are quiet correct.
    The biggest problem with all blog networks was that they were made for the authors, writers or bloggers. Readers doesn`t care if a blog they love to read is a part of Instablogs, b5media or any other network.

    This is what we are trying to achieve, empower the reader, make him an invaluable part of the whole blogging process.

    Let me give you an example why tracking writers can be cool. Lets say David I love your posts, and you posts on 4-5 blogs, plus you leave comments on many many blogs. I want to keep a track of your posts and comments on a single page. Do I have a solution right now. No. I have to read all your blogs, and to keep tracks of comments made by you is very difficult. But in the new Instablogs, if you are a member, you can import all your blog feeds (only posts’ decsriptions, i.e. 255 chars only), and I can easily check from a single page what posts are you making and in which blog. Plus all the comments you leave on blogs of Instablogs, I can track them too.

    And since all posts and comments you make, are intended to be seen in public, I am not interfering with your privacy. So I feel, keeping track of your friends can be cool for atleast few people like me, who like to check what their friends are doing online.


  2. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    It looks like with all the 2.0 buzz on the Internet, blogs are going to try to push their way into adding