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Changes in WordPress 2.0.5

Are you getting excited for the next point release of WordPress? No, I don’t mean 2.1, but instead 2.0.5 which should be out any day now.

Mark Jaquith has already taken it upon himself to list some of the more interesting changes that are coming with the new version.

Things like:

  • manually entering pages greater than the number of pages for a given post now shows the highest numbered page
  • plugins are sorted by plugin name, instead of filename
  • the authors dropdown is now sorted by display_name

While there is really nothing too major listed, it seems to be some simple improvements that will make life easier for WordPress users. I really think though that we are all just holding our breath for 2.1…come on Automattic and crew.

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  1. Diego says: 10/20/2006

    That list took all my excitement away :/


  2. David ) says: 10/20/2006

    You have to wait for 2.1 if you want some wizbang improvements to get your excitement up…everything else is just slight improvements.


  3. Johan says: 10/22/2006

    I would love to see a similar list for WordPress 2.1 !!!


  4. Shavkatov says: 10/28/2006

    Waiting for 2.0.1 … :-)


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