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WordPress Theme: Hoofeiv4

Hoofei has released his fouth theme called Hoofeiv4. He is currently using it for his blog, and so you can see a demo of it there.

It is my 4th wordpress theme. Hoofeiv4 is a two columns wordpress theme with colors blue, green and white. It is simple and clear.

The theme requires Gravatar 2, but is not packaged with it. The theme looks really slick, and very web 2.0.

Check it out at

NOTE: I have been notified that there are some graphic concerns with this theme. The comment submit button has been stolen from our own DesignDisease, and other graphical elements seem to have a very Fresh look to them. This brings up a good question on theme copyrights and whatnot.

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  1. darkknight says: 10/25/2006

    Nice theme.
    I see no similarity what so ever ??? I think its a pity that web designers get so paranoid so easily. just because the buttons look similar they don’t mean a thing.


  2. David ) says: 10/25/2006

    Actually darkknight, the submit button is the EXACT one used in Elena’s old site when her DesignDisease blog was up. So it was not the similarity, it was the exact duplicate. She has the PSD, so I believe her (plus I remember seeing it before she had the server problem).


  3. darkknight says: 10/25/2006

    ok I could be wrong but … its just a button ???? was anything else copied?


  4. Hoofei says: 10/26/2006

    I accept, the submit button is Elena’s. I have said sorry to her. Please look here:

    And I want to explain that I didn’t copy anything except the submit button. Before I finished this theme, I don’t know the website “” even.

    Very sorry to you all. I accept the mistake, I will not take this mistake in future. Please excusal me. Very sorry.


  5. ... says: 10/26/2006

    then how about ?


  6. jay says: 10/30/2006



  7. Jason says: 11/1/2006

    Hey, I didn’t know how to get ahold of you because your contact page doesnt work, but we just released a new theme in two color variations @


  8. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    Nice theme


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  11. EinbauStrahler says: 2/20/2009

    I love clean templates, nice colors pickup, it looks effective. I hope to see more themes like this one.


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