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What You Need to Get into Blogging

If you are looking to join the blogging world, it probably can’t get much easier than it is today. There are so many choices, that picking what is right for you is the hardest part.

The first choice you have to make is deciding how much control you want over your blog. If you are looking to control every detail, getting web hosting, a domain, and downloading some blogging software is probably the best way to go.

For hosting, I usually go with Hostgator or eMaxhosting. Their service is cheap, easy to use, and I have had very little problems, and prompt service with both.

I currently grab my domains over at Godaddy [Ed. Boo for godaddy! Use NameCheap], partially because finding 10% codes is pretty easy and also I don’t have positive experience with other domain registrars, but I recommend asking a friend who is web knowledgeable which domain registrar he/she uses, so that when you need help, he or she can walk you through the process.

As for the blogging software, I doubt anyone will be surprised when I say that I recommend WordPress. It has a wide array of features, and has a great community backing it. Millions of themes and plugins make it easily extendable, and personalization is simple.

On the other hand, If you are only interested in writing, there are many hosted blogging services.

The one I think has the most potential, and will even let you get a domain rather than being just another subdomain on their servers is They are always adding more services and features, and allows thousands to just blog without worrying about hosting or server uptime or traffic. Best of all, is free, and does not require you to put advertisements on your blog.

For either route into the blogosphere, the main thing you need to get into blogging is a passion to express your thoughts and opinions, everything else is secondary.

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  1. Jacob says: 10/26/2006

    Boo for godaddy! Use NameCheap


  2. David ) says: 10/26/2006

    HA! I was waiting for you to say that. Their newly updated domain administration system is actually quite slick…you should give it another go. :P