ExpressionEngine 1.x is Dead

The folks over at PMachine are letting everyone know that they are now working full tilt on ExpressionEngine 2.0, a revamped system that will show off AJAX effects, and a better templating system and hopefully just an all around updated, and more powerful EE experience.

The article on the shift is pretty long, but here is what they have to say about Modules:

Let us not forget the modules. Since the Template parser will be receiving some Six Million Dollar Man surgery, there will be a need to rewrite the modules in order to interact with it seamlessly. The end all effect should be to make things more efficient and perhaps allow some tools that will make module writing easier than it is currently. Have no fear, third party developers. Even if your module is not rewritten for 2.0, we still intend to allow a site to continue using any current 1.x modules. Like Mac OS X, we intend to have a Classic mode to make sure no module stops working.

I can’t want to see what they come up with and if it will be a stronger contender against other CMS systems that are out there.

Author: David Peralty

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