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How Being a Blogger is Like Being a Sex Worker

I don’t know how many readers at BloggingPro are going to agree with this, but if Business 2.0 can put it on their new blog, I guess I can mention it.

No prior experience necessary
Word of mouth works best
Doing it once a day is good, doing it twice a day is better, doing it three times a day is best but awfully hard to sustain
Learn a few basic tricks and then do them over and over
Getting someone to pimp your business can increase traffic but also has unintended negative consequences
Some days it’s impossible to satisfy the customers

Read the full list at Business 2.0. I hope this was supposed to be a humorous look at blogging…

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  1. Paul Short says: 11/5/2006

    That’s pretty funny. I think we can all identify with a few things on that list ;-)

    BTW, I haven’t been to this site in a while. The new redesign looks superb. Very nicely done and many kudos to the designer.


  2. milo says: 11/5/2006

    “At first, the work is a lot of fun; as time goes on, less so”
    Where is this article?


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