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BlogMedia now Problogging, Inc.

In a weird shift, it looks like Matt Craven has decided to move away from the BlogMedia name and start Problogging, Inc. The new company will specialize in services for bloggers, rather than creating and maintaining blogs.

Our focus will be on serving the needs of the Professional Blogging community and those who wish to enter that arena.

You’ll soon see some changes here at this site – a new ebook telling the BlogMedia story – and many other tools to help bloggers along their path to establishing a life for themselves as professional bloggers.

Tony Hung, a writer on the Blog Herald, was recently able to get Matt to sit still for an interview about the change over at Deep Jive Interests.

TH: Can you expand a little on what your focus will be on — from a blogging point of view?
MC: We’ll always be covering the blogosphere in some way, shape, or form. We’ll be talking more about professional blogging over at – and launching a new podcast only site in the near future.

I think this is an interesting idea. Problogging is a growing niche, and there are some that would be perfect at the job, but are unable to traverse the crazy sea of activity currently going on to find the network, or networks that would best suit their personality, writing style, and abilities.

I am not sure about the long term success of such a venture, and I really hope to see the team step up and really make a strong go of this. I wanted to mention this not only because it is interesting news, but I want to wish Matt and team all the best in their new venture.

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  1. Matt Craven says: 11/28/2006

    Thanks for the kind words and for covering our story….

    Couple corrections..

    BlogMedia, Inc. was renamed to Problogging, Inc. – this is not a new company. Same bright folks over here that were here before – except our focus is different than previously.

    I don’t think it’s weird at all – I think it’s a logical step from looking at where we are – and where we want to be – and then following our hearts (and our business!) in that direction…



  2. David ) says: 11/28/2006

    Well, when you shift the name and focus of a company…its basically a new company. And I think its weird to drop such a great name. But I know that you know what you are doing. :) Thanks for coming over and commenting. Drop me a line on Skype sometime.


  3. Matt Craven says: 11/28/2006

    Maybe a great name, but a shitty domain name :)



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