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Some People Just Don’t Get Problogging

Over on Yugatech there is an article that talks about how people don’t understand problogging or even just the difference between pro and non-pro.

Someone once asked me what’s the difference between pro and non-pro. I said the pro’s get paid to do it. A professional driver gets paid to drive; a professional photographer gets paid to shoot pictures; a professional basketball player gets paid to play hoops; a professional crier gets paid to cry on burials.

In the same sense, a professional blogger gets paid to, you guessed it, blog. So, what’s so damn wrong if professional bloggers are getting paid to blog, except for the fact that the concept is so new to people beyond their 40’s (excuse the pun)?

He then gives some details on the various monetization routes that probloggers take in their endeavors. A great read for those not in the know.

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  1. Max Limpag says: 11/27/2006

    Hi David,
    Yuga’s a he not a she :-).


  2. David ) says: 11/27/2006

    I knew that…what are you talking about? *buries the problem*
    How embarrassing is that?


  3. Aukcje says: 1/22/2007

    Thanks for this very good article … Can i translate this and insert on my site in Poland?