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Bloggers Boycott Technorati

Found via 901am, a post on Information Architects talks about a recent deal between Technorati and the number one PR firm Edelman.

Can we trust the hub for independent bloggers after they hook up with the biggest corporate opinion maker? Why a 260 Million Dollar PR agency is actively engaging at the core of the free media is quite clear, but why Technorati shook hands with Edelman stays obscure.

I see this as a big conflict of interests for Technorati, and I think this might be the opportunity that other services and sites have been waiting for. A mistake that if not handled well, could slowly unravel all that is Technorati. I might be going a bit over the top here, but I don’t want to have a PR firm using the information that Technorati gets on a daily basis as a tool to advertise and promote things on the web.

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  1. Richard says: 11/30/2006

    Hmmm not enough information is availble yet to condem technorati. …or for those who will beenfit from a failure of technorati then condem away!


  2. Blog Bloke says: 11/30/2006

    Technorati and Edelman (i.e. Steve Rubel) have been in bed for some time now. So I’m not surprised with the turn of events.



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