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Over on Connected Internet there is a list of four plug-ins that Everton thinks you should watch out for, as they don’t always work as nicely as we would hope. He actually goes as far to recommend not installing these plug-ins at all.

Over, the last couple of weeks I’ve had a few big traffic spikes that have caused my WordPress installation problems. Upgrading to the next highest tier with PowerVPS didn’t solve the problem, and even despite having 2 caches running, my site was slowing down and even shutting down at times.

I discovered that the cause of my problems were certain plugins, and after removing them my CPU load returned to manageable levels. Unfortunately, not before I’d missed out on a significant number of new readers.

Plug-ins like Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro, Gravatars, Readers Posts Plugin and Fancy Archives.

Read all about why on his site, Connected Internet.

I haven’t had too much trouble with plug-ins in the past, though I do find Gravatar a bit slow, even with caching, and I think some plugins are badly written and could use a bit more time put into them to optimize them, but otherwise, generally plug-ins are helpful and serve a purpose. Have you had trouble with any specific plug-in? Let me know.

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  1. Angsuman Chakraborty says: 12/30/2006

    I think he unfairly implicated us for performance of WordPress object cache.

    Translator plugin Pro uses dual caching to speed up your access time. The first level cache doesn’t use the WordPress object cache and will improve your performance even with standard caching disabled. The second level cache uses WordPress Object cache. This allows us to serve your translated pages much much faster.

    We did extensive testing with the WordPress object cache to identify performance bottlenecks, if any. We couldn’t find any inherent problem.
    It can cause performance penalty only when the memory is low and too many Apache processes are allowed. With caching enabled each Apache process (or Thread), serving a WordPress page request, caches at most 125 php objects (we only contribute one of them) which can increase memory consumption.
    As a result kswapd (swap manager) comes into play and at high loads it tends to swap too often and ends up consuming most of the CPU cycles itself instead of allowing actual processing.
    So if you are on a low end machine with low RAM or if you are sharing the machine with lots of other users then you can experience performance issues. However you can easily solve it by either increasing the memory or reducing the maximum number of Apache processes you serve.

    In our tests I could repeatedly run 50 simultaneous full site crawl on a big website with over 20, 000 pages (copy of my Simple Thoughts blog with translated pages in 14 languages) without delay (using wget in recursive mode) with only 512 MB RAM without breaking a sweat in low end Intel Pentium (1.8 Ghz) running Fedora Core 4. I was using the Translator plugin in cache mode. The pages were not cached when we started. If that is not good performance I don’t know what is.


  2. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    And yes, I recall that Gravatar-related plugins were among the Plugins to Avoid we recently wrote about.


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