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7 Reasons Why Personal Blogs Rock

Darren Rowse of has posted an article on his opinions on why personal blogs rock.

I don’t know if he still keeps a personal blog somewhere, but on all of his blogs he has shared his life and himself in personal ways, and so really understands what he is talking about. I also have a personal blog, and agree with just about everything he lists. I don’t get to write on it as much as I would like, but that’s a different story.

Here’s his list:

1. teach you the skills of blogging
2. familiarize you with the tools of blogging
3. help you work out how much time you have
4. help you work out if you can sustain blogging for the long term
5. give you a taste of blogging ‘culture’
6. help you define a niche
7. help you find a readership

He goes on to explain each point, and again, I suggest blogging to many people that I talk to, even if it is just on your own local machine or something, as it will allow you to deal with every point, except the last, and that is the key to getting bigger and better if you want to make it online.

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  1. sindhu says: 12/5/2006

    its really hard to categorize personal blogs, some might just have a blog that posts news on projects one has been working on some tech news some personal news and they term that a personal blog. so a personal blog is like potpourri,

    while a tech blog is tech blog, strictly sticking to the topics it’s supposed to.

    i think personal blogs are often misunderstood, ive had people telling me it’s a waste of time to talk about yourself and everything relating to you, that’s not the way it is.

    personal would mean it’s an individual stand on everything. we all have a voice. sigh i really wish others dont have a bad and discouraging experience like i did when i started out.

    ps: sorry about the whinning, had to get it out. LOL


  2. Amrit Hallan says: 12/6/2006

    When you write on a personal level but earn from your blog there is a very thin line that differentiates a personal blog from a professional blog. Darren’s blog is both personal as well professional in the sense that although he blogs on it personally — most of the thoughts there are Darren’s (I suppose) — but if I’m not mistaken his blog is a part of the b5media group.


  3. Noelle says: 12/19/2006

    I smiled after reading this post. Although I’ve had a blog for almost a year now, I never realized how large the professional blogging community was until now. I look at how much money they’re making and they still think personal blogs rock! I think that’s awesome, and that’s why this post makes me smile!