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Even The Problogger Gets Lonely

One of the things that many non-probloggers don’t realize is that probloggers work in a rather secluded environment. We sit at our desks, with no one in the next “office”. Darren Rowse, of fame, is getting a little lonely and has decided to organize a little meetup.

Are there any Melbourne readers who would like to get together for a few hours one morning in the coming week or two to hang out and do some blogging over breakfast, a coffee and with other bloggers?

I’ve often sat here in a cafe blogging and wondered how many other bloggers around the city do a similar thing.

Blogging can be a reasonably isolating experience for some – perhaps we should get together every now and again and do it together.

I think more bloggers should set these up. Meeting each other is a great way to network with each other, and work together.

I applaud Darren for reaching his hand out there, and I hope it goes well for the Melbourne bloggers.

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  1. Dan Baritchi says: 12/11/2006

    David, you’re definitely right.

    Darren’s idea got me thinking… so I just started a Pro Blogger meetup group for Dallas, TX:

    Our goal is to meet other local Pro Bloggers, share awesome ideas, and help each other be more successful!

    If any of you guys are in the Dallas area, come check it out.

    Have a great day!


  2. Kian Ann says: 12/13/2006

    Its true – as bloggers we get to know fellow bloggers on the net, yet after several months, we realise that we have been missing out on the real social life.

    I think there are trade-offs. Not everybody can accept a work-at-home lifestyle, with nobody beside you to talk to ;) but I do!


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  4. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    and I hope it goes well for the Melbourne bloggers.