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Ryan Irelan: Working from Home

One of the blogs I subscribe to recently put up his thoughts on working from home, and its a really great article. Ryan Irelan, working from home, has been part of some great projects online, and so I suggest we all take a good look at his thoughts, especially if you are suffering from a bit of working from home burnout.

He gives some tips including:

Learn to Clock Out

One misconception is that when you work from home the tendency is to work less because you’re distracted with home “stuff.” Au contraire! For me it’s been the exact opposite. I’ve found it difficult to clock out in the evenings because I’m already home!

This also includes making your co-workers and clients aware of when you are and are not available. Don’t be shy about letting people know that you close up shop at 5 PM. Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you work every waking minute.

Check out the full post at Ryan’s blog.

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  1. Mike says: 12/14/2006

    Some of the best ideas have come from your home, so we should all work at home its a much more relaxing environment to work in comparing this to the hustle and bussle of the office its amazing to work at home.


  2. Amrit Hallan says: 12/14/2006

    It’s true. I work from home and it seems I’m working all the time and soon my family is going to abandon me :-)


  3. Christi says: 1/7/2007

    I full heartedly agree, although I wish I practiced what you preach! When I was working outside of the home, I was bad enough with trying to “wrap it up” and go home, but now that I am working at home, I am even worse. Sometimes it’s really bad, and I work weeks at a time, getting very little sleep, and have way too many projects going on. I have paid gigs, and my own things going on, and it’s really hard to call it quits. Perhaps a break in the working hours would allow more time to recoup, and come back refreshed and ready to work – and possibly fresh ideas!!