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WordPress Limited Edition T-Shirts: Sucks for Internationals

Over on the WordPress development blog, there is a post up saying that there are a limited number of WordPress t-shirts up for grabs. Being a huge WordPress fan, I jumped the chance to get one. I have been begging Matt for them for a while, and so I sign up for an account, put all my information in, and then try to ship it.

An error comes up saying that I have to ship to a US address. What!? I live in Canada. I don’t have an address in the USA.

After letting out a big sigh, I closed the window. For Automattic to forget about us internationals makes me bummed.

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  1. fen says: 12/15/2006

    Oh, bad! Cause I’m in China.


  2. Matt says: 12/15/2006

    Sorry about that! Please send feedback to Goodstorm asking for International shipping. We’re not doing it ourself, because frankly we’d be even worse. :)


  3. Sergios says: 12/15/2006

    This means that there is no shipping to Greece also :( so bad… aaaaah


  4. René says: 12/16/2006

    I did the exact same thing. I did follow up however, and they replied very quickly with the following message:

    “Thanks for your interest in GoodStorm!

    We do not yet have the capability to serve internationally. We are a new company and constantly working to expand our service. We look forward to working with customers globally, and we have placed you on our mailing list so you will be informed as soon as we have implemented that function. I honestly would really like to help you out because of your positive feedback on our service but for now there’s nothing I can do.”

    Being the maintainer of the Danish i18n repository, I would have liked to flash a WP t-shirt whenever I go to blog conferences and such :)


  5. Fat Guy says: 12/17/2006

    not only sucks for internationals, but fat people as well.


  6. Rick says: 12/18/2006

    Ow, That Sucks :(

    My feedback to them is on its way. Why not use a provider that allows international shipping, cafepress or similar.


  7. LiewCF says: 12/19/2006

    yes, I experienced the same. It sucks! :(