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AdSense Will Needed?

On Make Easy Money with Google and AdSense there is an interesting idea in one of the recent articles that asks if you have an AdSense Will. An interesting idea, and while a bit depressing, it is something that more and more people have to think about.

what happens to my AdSense sites when I die?

The sites keep running, of course. They’ll keep making money, though over the long term I’d expect revenues to go down, especially those tied to (by then dormant) blogs. That’s the whole point of creating a passive income stream with AdSense and/or embedded affiliate links.

The problem comes in managing it all. If I dropped dead tomorrow, my wife would have no clue what to do with my sites. Currently I use two different domain registrars and four different hosting service. I have umpteen different affiliate accounts. No one else understands any of it but me, and a lot of it isn’t written down anywhere, just buried in various email folders. Even getting access to my email would be challenging because my mail client uses SSH tunnels exclusively to connect to my mail servers.

Something we should all be concerned with. This has prompted me to burn a CD with all of my information on it, placing it in a fireproof cabinet, and then I told the important people where to find it. I will go ahead and try to burn one each time I do my data backups, every month.

Check out the full article, and while I hope no one will worry about such things too much, it is great advice to keep in the back of your mind.

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  1. milo says: 12/18/2006

    Good point, have to tell my darling now where to go and what to do; probably too much for an evening.


  2. Kian Ann says: 12/19/2006

    Wow. Yeah you’re right, and i think this doesn’t only apply to adsense earnings, but also to other internet businesses you might have.

    This issue reminds me of Corey Rudl, the ex-CEO of Internet marketing center, … fortunately for Corey, he had a efficient “right hand man” who is taking over as CEO now for IMC.


  3. Work At Homes says: 12/22/2006

    Yeah that is a great idea. You will never know. I don’t need it at this stage not making money on it yet. Still learning. :)


  4. Graham Matthews ) says: 1/15/2012

    Thanks for the reminder… This is something I have been putting off, but certainly should not any longer.