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WordPress Limited Edition T-Shirts: Sucks for Internationals

Over on the WordPress development blog, there is a post up saying that there are a limited number of WordPress t-shirts up for grabs. Being a huge WordPress fan, I jumped the chance to get one. I have been begging Matt for them for a while, and so I sign up for an account, put all my information in, and then try to ship it.

An error comes up saying that I have to ship to a US address. What!? I live in Canada. I don’t have an address in the USA.

After letting out a big sigh, I closed the window. For Automattic to forget about us internationals makes me bummed.

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New Design has been updated with a new design. While much better than their old design, and another step in the right direction, I still feel like it looks too flat or too basic, and the new version looks a little too cluttered.

We’ve just taken the wraps off our new design for from Matt Thomas, so come check it out. This one incorporates a lot of what we’ve learned over the past year with the old design, which was actually supposed to be a temporary placeholder.

In this new design we’ve added a bit of color, more prominent use of avatars, better highlighting of popular content, and hot tags so people can see some of the latest posts in popular topics. (In different languages!)

Keep up the good work Matt T.

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WP Tiger Administration v3.0

Probably the most popular WordPress Administration theme, the WP Tiger Admin by Steve Smith of Ordered List has been redesigned and updated for better 2.x compatibility.

A complete redesign has pushed WordPress Tiger Admin into version 3. It boasts a more streamlined design, better plugin compatibility, and general all-around goodness.

If you’re wondering, I’m not planning on continuing with the old design. It’s hard enough keeping up with the changing markup and popular plugins with one design, let alone with two. Although I won’t be updating them, I have posted links to the older versions on the plugin page in the version history.

I liked the older design, but I think the newer design is still better than the stock WordPress Administration design.

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Snook: How I Design

Jonathan Snook is an accomplished programmer, and while he doesn’t consider himself a designer, his designs are something I am very envious of.

He lays out some tips that he tries to keep in mind when doing a design:

1. Make it bigger.
2. Make it closer to the top of the page.
3. Make it a different colour.
4. Use a different font.
5. Give it breathing room.

Check out the full post, including his thoughts behind each point at his blog,

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Ryan Irelan: Working from Home

One of the blogs I subscribe to recently put up his thoughts on working from home, and its a really great article. Ryan Irelan, working from home, has been part of some great projects online, and so I suggest we all take a good look at his thoughts, especially if you are suffering from a bit of working from home burnout.

He gives some tips including:

Learn to Clock Out

One misconception is that when you work from home the tendency is to work less because you’re distracted with home “stuff.” Au contraire! For me it’s been the exact opposite. I’ve found it difficult to clock out in the evenings because I’m already home!

This also includes making your co-workers and clients aware of when you are and are not available. Don’t be shy about letting people know that you close up shop at 5 PM. Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you work every waking minute.

Check out the full post at Ryan’s blog.

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Recent Spam on Blogging Pro

Well, as great as Akismet is, it doesn’t seem to be saving Blogging Pro from the recent spam attacks, and so now I have the fun job of adding more plugins to the mix, and hoping they don’t fight with each other.

I will be dealing with the spam the best I can, and I hope you can all understand how hard it is to keep a blog spam free.

Thank you for your patience.

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Blog Herald Owners Revealed: Copycatting and Other Thievery

Well, over on the Blog Herald, the new owners have revealed themselves, and its the Bloggy-Network that bought the site. No…I don’t mean us. I mean the UK Bloggy-Network. See the dash…that makes them different and should quell any confusion.

This post, as much as any other tone it has, should serve as a warning. Just because you are the Internet and are blogging, does not mean you can forget about the “real world” issues that come with making money or building a company like accounting, legalities and whatnot.

This blog, Blogging Pro, has been around for some time, and in July of 2005, Jacob Gower puchased it and formed Bloggy Network LLC, a blog network company.

The reason I mention this is because there has been some problems that the company now needs to deal with as the new owners of the Blog Herald are also named Bloggy Network.

In its word from the previously anonymous owners, a few readers raised the issue as to why the new owners had a name very similar to ours and really, we’d like to know as well.

The whole issue stinks of an attempt at getting some publicity. was registered on July 20th, 2005 while (the other guys), was registered April 18th, 2006. With the non-hyphenated version taken, you’d think that would be enough to dissuade anyone from building a company, but alas almost a year later, they decided to proceed anyways.

Even other well known bloggers like Darren Rowse have chimed in about the rather odd name.

Of course, this isn’t a one shot deal. As exhibit B we have: Pingoat, the popular pinging service, and Bloggy Ping, a “copyright 2006″ service of This blatant rip was confirmed by Kailash, the original creator of Pingoat.

While we understand that there are many companies and technologies based upon the works of others, especially online in the forms of mashups and whatnot, I think that ripping off names, ideas and efforts of others is still frowned upon.

I guess all us here at the non-hyphenated Bloggy Network should be proud. After all, imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery.

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Blogging a Real Job in Canada

Living in Canada, I find the recent news that a New Brunswick court has ruled that Blogging is a real career in Canada.

Via P2Pnet:

a New Brunswick court has recognized blogging as an occupation in a case involving an arrest for obstructing a police officer. The decision, R. v. LeBlanc, involved an arrest for obstructing a police officer.

The person charged is a well-known blogger who was covering a political demonstration for his blog.

I really enjoy this new fact, and while some make fun of the idea that by making blogging a job, it loses its appeal, I find it a validation of what I have been doing for over a year and a half.

I hope other countries are as progressive about accepting blogging as a career option.

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9rules Starts Picking Round Five

With around twenty-seven new additions already, round five members are being listed on 9rules’ blog, and while a fair bit of them are rather unknown to me, a few stand out as great additions to the 9rules Network.

Blogs like:
The Whitehawk
Have Laptop Will Travel

Good job to all those that are getting in. I will be interested to see how this new group effects the overall group dynamic of the 9rules Network.

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Even The Problogger Gets Lonely

One of the things that many non-probloggers don’t realize is that probloggers work in a rather secluded environment. We sit at our desks, with no one in the next “office”. Darren Rowse, of fame, is getting a little lonely and has decided to organize a little meetup.

Are there any Melbourne readers who would like to get together for a few hours one morning in the coming week or two to hang out and do some blogging over breakfast, a coffee and with other bloggers?

I’ve often sat here in a cafe blogging and wondered how many other bloggers around the city do a similar thing.

Blogging can be a reasonably isolating experience for some – perhaps we should get together every now and again and do it together.

I think more bloggers should set these up. Meeting each other is a great way to network with each other, and work together.

I applaud Darren for reaching his hand out there, and I hope it goes well for the Melbourne bloggers.

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