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Blogging As Historical Parallel To City Building

David Krug has written a post on blogging and how it relates to city building on his new media blog 901am.

there are many types of cities. And not all are for every type of resident. And then there are those who aren’t even meant to dwell in the cities.

He then goes on to compare how different blogging networks, past and present are much like cities, some overcrowded, and some without any organization.

Blogging is unique because it allows us to build our own cities. And to invite people to dwell among us. Blogging in many aspects is an ancient art returned to a modern era where we occupy virtual spaces of creativity to share amongst each other. Blogging allows anyone to be the master of his own domain. And to have the choice to dwell among a people or to dwell outside the city gates.

An interesting look at the blogosphere. To read more check out 901am.

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Code Your Own WordPress Theme

I have always found getting from the xhtml/css part of a web design to a full on WordPress theme the easiest way to do things, but I have not come up with a nice tutorial to explain the process of converting such a template to a theme. Luckily, has put up a nice tutorial of adding the WordPress parts to a template.

Check it out, and hopefully it helps. If you have written a tutorial on converting a template to a theme, let me know, as I’d love to compile a nice list of them.

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WordPress Plugin: Widgetize Anything

I haven’t really gotten into the whole Widgets thing (please don’t burn me at the stake), but I have been excited at the idea of Widgets. The thing that is holding me back is that I would want just about everything to be a widget, and now it seems for the most part you can, thanks to Erik’s Widgetize Anything plug-in.

There are many WordPress plugins that should be converted into sidebar widgets, made compatible with the Automattic Widget Plugin, but, for whatever reason, have not yet been converted. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a generic way to call other plugins from within a sidebar widget? Now there is! Introducing…. Widgetize Anything!

Basically, it works just like the built-in text widgets, except that it allows you to put in PHP code into the body of the widget.

You will have to have the Widget’s plug-in already installed to use this plug-in, but it’s something worth trying out.

via 901am

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10 Add-ons to Consider

Frankie Roberto has a post up on things we should all be adding to our websites, but the same can be said for our blogs. These are the types of things that are often forgotten but can be the difference between being noticed and being passed by without a second though.

Thinks like having a:

  • Favicon
  • Robots.txt and Sitemaps
  • RSS Feeds
  • Microsummaries
  • Print stylesheet
  • Accesskeys
  • XFN
  • Link and image titles
  • Language codes

While I don’t know if we need all of these things, I do think that it wouldn’t hurt to research them more. For more details on each point check out Frankie Roberto’s blog.

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Imminent Demise of the Page View

Steve Rubel is shaking things up with his recent post entitled “The Imminent Demise of the Page View” where he talks about how many large sites are still wrapped up in the idea of page views being a marketable metric. Thanks to AJAX and Flash technologies, users have to load full pages less and less, and so the idea of page views goes out the window.

This is a dirty little secret in the advertising business that no one wants to talk about. Media companies love to promote how many page views their properties get. They’ve used the data to build equity. They will fight it tooth and nail to protect it, perhaps by not embracing interactive technologies as quickly as they should. But that’s not going to stop the revolution from coming.

An interesting article to be sure, and a good reminder to people that technology is changing, and so the metrics we use to decide our success and interest advertisers will also have to change. Finding that new metric is going to be interesting, and bloggers will have to adapt as well.

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What Makes a Great Site Map?

Lorelle chimes in on an article by Jim Westergren who has created a tutorial on the various ways of making a site map for your blog. We are not talking about the XML sitemaps, but instead a list of posts and pages throughout the site.

Jim lists the benefits (which I have included below) as well as giving a quick rundown of how to install and use three different site map plugins for WordPress.

The benefits:

  • The user can quickly find a specific post he wants anytime he wants.
  • The user can quickly see and get an idea how big the blog is get an overview on what the person is writing about.
  • All your posts are linked to from a single page to make sure they are not forgotten by the search engines. Basically PageRank is passed to all of them and they are not buried deep down in the archive. If there are no links to your old posts Google will put them in the supplemental index which is not good at all.

A great read both from Lorelle and Jim.

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Plugins To Avoid

Over on Connected Internet there is a list of four plug-ins that Everton thinks you should watch out for, as they don’t always work as nicely as we would hope. He actually goes as far to recommend not installing these plug-ins at all.

Over, the last couple of weeks I’ve had a few big traffic spikes that have caused my WordPress installation problems. Upgrading to the next highest tier with PowerVPS didn’t solve the problem, and even despite having 2 caches running, my site was slowing down and even shutting down at times.

I discovered that the cause of my problems were certain plugins, and after removing them my CPU load returned to manageable levels. Unfortunately, not before I’d missed out on a significant number of new readers.

Plug-ins like Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro, Gravatars, Readers Posts Plugin and Fancy Archives.

Read all about why on his site, Connected Internet.

I haven’t had too much trouble with plug-ins in the past, though I do find Gravatar a bit slow, even with caching, and I think some plugins are badly written and could use a bit more time put into them to optimize them, but otherwise, generally plug-ins are helpful and serve a purpose. Have you had trouble with any specific plug-in? Let me know.

via The Blog Herald

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Yugatech: Tips to a PR 7 Blog

Abe of Yugatech recounts how two blogs went from nothing to a pretty high Google Page Rank of 7 and 8.

During the first SEO Philippines contest last June, I created a page on that blog as some sort of non-competing entry. In just 3 months of link-building, that page shot up to PR8 with the main domain on PR5, some categories on PR6 and a PR7. It was exciting to see the results of this little experiment which still boggles me to this day. So, okay, I sold a few links on that blog, some of which amounted to as much as $160 per link. That page is now just PR7 which is still pretty high, IMO.

Here are the tips:

  • Get links from old and highly trusted domains.
  • Get site-wide links from a huge site with 150,000+ pages (a large forum perhaps).
  • Get a few deep links from relevant articles or content.
  • No massive and low-level directory submissions.
  • Avoid link exchanges, esp. from new domains.

More explanation and details over on Yugatech.

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