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Habari: Growing Fast

I received a bit of flak from my first post on Habari, the new blogging software being created by some great designers, and developers because currently they don’t have even a 0.1 release yet. Some people say that Habari has nothing, which honestly isn’t true.

I have actually been able to download the current code via SVN and install it, and test it out. While many features are still missing and the interface can still use much more polish, the software already works both under MySQL and SQLite environments. The installation wasn’t all that different from WordPress’ current installation, nor was it really any more difficult.

Currently the installation comes with only one theme, a default blue and white version of Michael Heilemann’s K2.

With this installation I was able to create drafts and posts, as well as tag my entries. I could also change my user details, and log out. Pretty basic at this point, but with the mock-ups of the administration design already in effect, the administration panel actually looks quite good for this stage in the game.

Some New News on Habari

It looks like former Automattic team member, Bryan Veloso has decided to spend some time helping out with Habari. Not sure yet what his exact role will be, but expect a new website for Habari sometime soon. I am also not sure yet if he is totally putting his name in the project, but he noted that he still has tons of creative energy to throw around, and working with this group is nothing new to him.

Also, Scott Merrill has put up a post on letting the world know his involvement with Habari. He has plans to switch his site over to the tool sometime in the near future once it evolves a little more. He let me know that he will “switch as soon as the templating engine is functional”.

So it’s official: I’m leaving WordPress behind. I’m involved with the development of Habari, the next-generation blogging solution. One might wonder why we’re re-inventing the wheel. Someone recently quipped that we’re past the wheel, and are now working on the hovercar! Nonetheless, an explanation of what Habari offers should help explain why I’m involved.

He lists things like community, innovation and experimentation among other things, and goes into great detail about each area. So if you are looking to learn more about the motivations behind Habari, and why people are joining the project in droves, check out his post on

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  1. Chris says: 1/9/2007

    It is easy to grow from zero, or to get people to claim to want to help out.

    Having Bryan Veloso involved weeks after he was fired doesn’t exactly help their claim that they’re not just bitter at not working for Automattic.

    Skippy is a drama queen, isn’t this like the forth time he’s said he is leaving WordPress behind? So immature.

    Habari needs to shut up and ship before their hype gets any more out of control and they start believing what people write about them, it reminds me of Flock. With all the drama-prone people involved, I predict this won’t end pretty.


  2. Owen says: 1/9/2007

    The current code, although still a preview of the full package, is very functional, otherwise Chris Davis wouldn’t be able to use it on his own site.

    We are very excited both by the designers that have heard the call, and the designs they’ve been collaborating on (all visible in the mailing list, where people have been providing useful feedback). The post may make it sound like it’s been an easy climb, where people throw their names our way just to be part of the buzz, but some of them needed to see how our community worked before they offered a hand. I’m glad that what they’ve seen has been convincing.

    Skippy was who suckered^H^H^H convinced me to finally commit to such a big project, and I think it’s great that the early intentions that we’ve built on have already begun to nurture actual contributions.

    It’s interesting to hear what other people think about what we’ve started. I hope we can continue to show that the hype is well deserved.


  3. Scribez says: 1/9/2007

    Skippy is a drama queen, isn’t this like the forth time he’s said he is leaving WordPress behind? So immature.

    look who is the drama queen he he :).

    Anyways I totally love WordPress. and currently there is no competition for WordPress which is one of the reasons why I excited about Habari. This could become the Joomla vs drupal when it comes to content management systems (not blogging tools which is what wordpress is) to really great Open source CMS with healthy and friendly competition.

    I find it funny how some people feel threatened. Habari guys are just having fun [:)] wordpress will continue to remain popular and Habari is there to provide some healthy competition. Personally I feel since the launch of not much (featurewise) has been done to wordpress.


  4. that girl again says: 1/10/2007

    Isn’t it funny how fanboys like ‘Chris’ and ‘Mark’ never seem to link to their blogs? Are they frightened we’re all going to point and laugh at their default Kubrick installations or something?


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