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How To Find News For Your Blog

Tony, continuing to blog for Darren Rowse on has put up another great common sense post. This time talking about how to find news for your blog, something that many of us struggle with, especially on slower days.

He mentions feeds, services, and sites you can go to for finding the latest news, but misses one of my recent favorites: Original Signal. Original Signal is much like Popurls, and other sites that bring together all the “greatest” content fed from other sites. So if you are looking for technology news, or even world news, Original Signal is a good resource to add to your list.

Some news aggregators that Tony mentions include: Google News, Techmeme, Megite, Newsvine, and Topix. There are many such sites out there on the Internet, and even some for specific niches, so if you are blogging about technology, many of the above listed are great places to start.

Why are such sites so important? Well, Tony lists a few reasons in his post:

To get a birds eye view of news in a particular category (or many categories), such as the category that your blog occupies, you might wish to start frequenting news sites which use a mix of computer algorithms and human involvement to produce a list of the news. Google News is a great example of this. Many of them are updated every few minutes, and will balance and re-order the news based on how popular and worthy some news content is. The best part is that many of them will list their “sources”, whether they be mainstream news or bloggers. Using news aggregators is a great way of keeping on top of the big topics, and they are particularly useful if you’ve decided that its important for you to follow it for your blog (because your goal is to be a leader in your corner of the blogosphere with respect to that topic).

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  1. Tony says: 1/10/2007

    Yeah, i was considering mentioning popurl and original signal as super-aggregators, but I felt that in the search for particular news items it fell out of the focus of the article.

    But no question they’re useful (and cool!)



  2. Jonk says: 1/11/2007

    How come this shows up on page 1 in Google but not the actual article?

    I Googled the name of the article


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