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WordPress Plugin: DG Review Site

Dan Grossman has released a review plug-in that allows you to collect reviews or ratings on just about anything. A pretty cool and powerful little plug-in system.

The DG Review Site (DGRS) plugin for WordPress allows you to turn your blog into a powerful review engine. It’s flexible in design and presentation so you could use it as an additional interaction feature for your blog to collect reviews of your posts, or to drive a product/service review site where your users contribute the reviews.

Some of the features include being able to collect ratings on posts with comments, define what categories you want to collect ratings for, and display them in pretty much any way you want to.

If you are looking at finding out what your readership likes or doesn’t like in regards to the content or opinions on your blog, this might be a plug-in to check out.

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  1. Hendra says: 9/14/2008


    Dan’s Plugin surely ROCKS!!

    I was going to buy his WP Review Site.
    but the price doesn’t match my budget :(

    Then I found another plugin that far cheaper, and do make a review just like WP Review Site, but with less bells and whistle of course.

    I’ve just made a review on my blog :)

    Next I got enough money to buy it, I’ll go for Dan’s.
    For now, I’ll just stay with the cheaper solution.




  2. aydin-aydin says: 9/18/2008

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  3. Dan Grossman says: 10/7/2008

    @Hendra: Of course the one you bought is just WP Review Site 1.0, a free open source plugin you didn’t have to pay for, that you paid some copycat who’s selling it as if he made it.


  4. drew3000 says: 12/23/2008

    Naming the free plugin could prove helpful to people. Just a thought.


  5. Richard says: 1/16/2009

    You might also be interested in, which quickly lets you create your own product review sites.


  6. Chrissy Whipple says: 3/19/2009

    We’ve been using the “RatingPress” plugins from and we love ‘em. They offer a plugin to import posts from Excel and another to add star ratings. The ratings take about 2 minutes to add once you install the plugin. It’s not free, but we tried a bunch of the freebies and they were all broken or lacking basic features.


  7. sam says: 10/25/2010

    Cool. Does this word for the newer version of wordpress?


  8. sam says: 10/25/2010

    sorry, I mean *Does this work for the newer version of wordpress.


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