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10 Things You Should Know About WordPress 2.1

Aaron Brazell, one of the b5media members, and better known to me as Technosailor has put up a post about WordPress 2.1 that gives us some details we should know before its upcoming release. His write-up has already received more than 800 “diggs” from and continues to grow.

While the day is not yet over, Aaron says that we can expect WordPress 2.1 to be out and making the rounds sometime today. Being how late it is in the afternoon, I am a bit skeptical, but I hope the Automattic team can pull it off. I have been using the alpha, and beta for quite some time, and while it is much better than the 2.0.x releases, it still doesn’t blow me away. I guess we will see how much the rest of the world fancies it soon enough.

So what is new for WordPress 2.1? Well, Aaron mentions many things, but the most important thing to me is the Auto-save of drafts.

Auto-save of Drafts – WordPress 2.1 adds an autosave function that is automatically implemented when writing new drafts. This functionality uses AJAX and operates without new pageloads. The title of the post must be filled out in order for autosaving to occur.

Check out the post on Technosailor, and give it a “digg” if you have an extra minute. It is definitely one of the best write-ups of the 2.1 changes I have seen yet.

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  1. Andy says: 1/22/2007

    As someone who mistakenly closes the firefox tab with an unsaved post in it with annoying frequency, autosave is a feature I am very glad to see.


  2. David Peralty ) says: 1/22/2007

    Same here… I bow before the auto-save. :)


  3. Aaron Brazell says: 1/23/2007

    Thanks for the link, David. And the Diggs. :) Definitely the most popular post in terms of traffic in recent months. I’m happy too that Automattic got 2.1 out the door so I didn’t look silly. :)


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