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30 Days of WordPress Plugins

Lorelle is taking it upon herself to take on thirty plug-ins over the month of February and while I think it will be easy to find thirty great plug-ins, I commend her for doing it, as it will take a fair bit of effort to rock out thirty posts about plug-ins, especially if she sticks to even half the length of her normal writing.

I love WordPress Plugins. And I love WordPress Plugin authors even more.

Their jobs aren’t easy. They pull their hair out (and turn some parts gray) building their WordPress Plugins, then are assaulted by bug reports and users begging them to fix their Plugins because “we love them and we need them and can’t run our blogs without them”, all for no money nor return on their investment. Their days are spent responding to comments about the Plugin, often to users who can’t follow the most basic instructions, and chasing down reports of problems in the WordPress Support Forums.

So, I’m dedicating February to WordPress Plugins and WordPress Plugin authors. I’ll be writing 30 posts about different WordPress Plugins and the art of the WordPress Plugin.

Good luck Lorelle, and I will be watching.

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  1. Lorelle says: 1/22/2007

    I thought about a Plugin-a-day, but that was too easy. ;-) I’ll be covering a wide range of related and interesting WordPress Plugins. Oh, wow! I could be writing about 300 WordPress Plugins in 30 days! Yikes. Back to the writing board. I’ve been inspired!

    Thanks for spreading the news!


  2. Dawnuh says: 1/23/2007

    30 plug-ins in 30 days… all in February? (-:


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