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Ahmed, a close friend and a fellow Bloggy Network staff member has posted on TechSoapBox about how hot blog related resources seem to be currently. This isn’t very surprising to me because of the insane growth of the blogosphere and reports on how advertising continues to grow online. What does surprise me are some of his figures.

He discusses the recent sale of Blog Catalog, among other sites.

Within the first five hours we had two offers of ‘if you lower BIN to $30k I will buy it immediately.’ Within 12 hours of the BIN reached, Jacob told me that seven other people had contacted him if the deal fell through, and two even offered us more to break the deal (some people have no ethics).

Our other two sites also flew away. The first one was Eatonweb, which hit the BIN in roughly 72 hours. The sale price was 100x revenue. Eatonweb was the first blog directory, so we were a bit sad to see it go.

The other one was 2RSS. This one went BIN in roughly 3 hours, also at 100x monthly revenue.

With the sites selling at between 24 – 100x monthly revenue, does this show a new valuation for blog resource sites that smashes the 10-12x revenue standard that seems to plague the market? Well, I don’t know about that, but Ahmed gives some tips on what you can do to make the most from your sale of blog resource sites.

Check out TechSoapBox for the details.

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  1. Elliott C. Bäck says: 1/22/2007

    Even so, say my blog makes $5000 a month, why would I want to sell it? Even for $500,000, I’ll make that back in just 8 years, less if you count growth. The only reason to sell a blog is to divest yourself from the industry, or lock in gains.


  2. AhmedF says: 1/23/2007

    Its opportunity cost. Will the $ you raise from your sale make you more in the long term?


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