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Essential Tools Every Blogger Should Have

Terry Ng has written up his thoughts on what every blogger should have, and while I agree with some of what he has written, I must admit that many things in the list are out of this problogger’s price range. He lists things like an Apple MacBook Pro, Two Apple 23″ LCD Screens, and a Nikon D200 Digital SLR as part of the “must have” blogger toolkit.

He does mention one of our favourite pieces of software though: WordPress.

WordPress – The ultimate open-source blogging platform is about to get better with the release of version 2.1. With hundreds of plug-ins available to expand the capability of WordPress, there’s nothing this beast can’t do.

If you are looking at getting together a blogger toolkit, Terry’s post is a great start, or at least for some, something to strive for.

Check out for more details on what every blogger should have.

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  1. Dave C. says: 1/24/2007

    I admittedly don’t have any clue exactly how “pay-for-post” blogging works, but if I had to guess, that Kineda post seems like someone was making some money on the deal. There is no way anyone would consider that list an “essential” blogger list. Sure, there are a lot of killer things on that list and I would love to have a two 23″ monitors, but I’m in graphic arts. Why would someone who is say a craft blogger or a car blogger need two big monitors like that? I also wonder about the fact that alternatives aren’t discussed. Why talk about Thunderbird but not Gmail? Just seems a bit fishy to me.


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