Performancing Metrics Adds Music and Videos is making waves again. I had long wondered what people would do with all the space that provides them, and thought their space upgrades were silly, and useless because users could only upload images, but now you can add movies and music to that list, it all makes sense.

Here are some details from their recent blog posting on the matter:

A much requested feature has been the ability to host and play multimedia content on and I’m happy to say that with the space upgrade, you can now upload and play mp3 files. You can also upload ogg, wav, m4a, mov, wmv, avi, and mpg files too. We haven’t got a movie player working just yet and simply embedding a large movie file would be unfair to people with slower connections but we’re working on one.

There is a file size limit of 25MB on uploaded files. I hope that will satisfy most needs but if you need to upload larger files, please send us feedback.

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  1. David Winsor says: 1/29/2007

    nice i cant wait to get using tihs feature


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  3. Burgo says: 10/8/2007

    Hmmmm. So this is only possible with the space upgrade though, is that correct?


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