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Drupal 5.0 Released

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A little more than a week ago, Drupal 5.0 was finally released. It is a pretty revolutionary release for the Drupal team, and it also marked their sixth birthday. With over 492 people submitting contributions to 5.0, they seem to still have a strong community behind them and continue to make waves in the content management world.

Two important changes include:

  • Web-based installer: added web-based installer that checks run-time requirements and that supports pre-made install profiles or distributions with better support for database table prefixes. It is also localizable.
  • Core theme: introduced a new default core theme, called Garland (and a fixed width version Minnelli). Garland uses the new color module to change the theme’s entire color scheme on the fly.

Garland has received much attention since people were able to get their first sneak peak of it. It actually found its way to quickly after Drupal mentioned its intentions to include it as their new default theme. Let’s just say the Drupal folks were not happy. You can still find articles referencing the craziness over their great new theme if you do some searching.

Check out Drupal 5.0, you might just be surprised at how far it has come.

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  1. Steven Bao says: 1/23/2007

    Thanks for the update David. It looks like it’s been updated quite a bit, and is much more powerful. The new version is excellent, and is to be a solid contender to Joomla and other CMSs – not that it wasn’t in the past. And Garland is a beautiful template.


  2. bloggernoob says: 10/30/2007

    great post. is drupal secure? more or less secure then wordpress?


  3. kral oyunu says: 11/12/2007

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  5. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    he new version is excellent, and is to be a solid contender to Joomla and other CMSs – not that it wasn’t in the past. And Garland is a beautiful template


  6. Online hry says: 8/22/2008

    We love Drupal. But Drupal 6.4 :-D


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