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WordPress Theme: CLI 1.0

WordPress Theme: CLI 1.0I am sure you have all noticed I don’t cover as many themes as I used to, and that is mostly because I have been waiting to see something that felt “new” and interesting. Well, with CLI 1.0, I have found such a thing. I would never use it as my default theme, but if I was going to have a theme switcher, this would be one I would include in that list. It is a fun to play with theme that emulates a command line interface.

Created by Rod McFarland, it is so much fun to play with.

Check it out on

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  1. Erik says: 1/23/2007

    This has got to be one of the most rediculous themes i have ever seen. But very clever and cool.

    I would get rather annoyed after a few seconds and nav away, but yes, if you have an established site it would be pretty cool to have it as a playful option.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Duncan says: 1/23/2007

    Hilarious…you could never use it, but god it’s clever! :-)


  3. Jauhari says: 1/24/2007

    This Theme is really cute and almost 1000% Console Mode

    who make this is very creative person, when my friends use this for the first time, i think it’s joke, but when I try type ‘help’. holla the theme so the result

    Really interesting :)


  4. Spor Video says: 1/26/2007

    Beautiful Theme ! Thanks


  5. Ivan Garcia says: 1/27/2007

    New wordpress theme released ->
    Test run of this theme ->

    Thanks ;)


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